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This site belongs to EEI-ICS portfolio of innovative internet projects. Focused on multinational, multipurpose and mass activities in interpersonal and intercompany trade, services and communication. We are close to run following projects:

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ElectionsMeter , the World public political preference and comment site. Launched in January 2009. Noncommercial project dedicated to the world public to bring to every individual ElectionsMeter.com a power to participate in real political democracy to vote and show own political preference and opinion. Without restrictions on government established election date, but every now and then when you want to express your opinion.

The ElectiosnMeter group key words are: Candidate, Crises, Election, Government, Political, Preference, Protest, Vote and War.

We believe it is necessary to create community whose users engage each other to create a free forum for political elections information, dialogue, evaluation and interaction - ultimately giving voice to impact and show politician preference.

We invited politicians, newspapers, media portals, corporations, philosophers, analysts, economists, thought leaders, as well as various groups and associations to join your community. Their involvement is equally as important as the rest of ours - it takes determination and participation at all levels to affect your opinion to be published and achieved at maximum level.

Any question, suggestion, idea or interest of investment please address to info@eeiics.com

The team EEI-ICS.
January 2009.